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The Broadwing TLC-9000 plus ergonomic workplace lighting ensures a comfortable and healthy workplace. Due to the unique design and the “anti glare guard”, the light is evenly distributed and you will not be bothered by glare or dark spots. The EN 12464-1 standard luminance for offices is 500 lux even though research has shown tha most employees prefer a higher luminance at work. The Broadwing therefore has a minimum output of 1000 lux at 100%.

The LM561B plus LED chips from Samsung have a color rendering of 95> CRI. This ensures a perfect visual experience and comfort because the environment and the colors of objects are displayed in a natural way.
This combination of quality and intensity makes a positive contribution to your productivity, comfort and well-being. The Broadwing TLC-9000's "3-step color tuning touch switch" plus ergonomic workplace lighting allows you to adjust strength and color temperature.
  • Colour black
  • Flexible neck
  • Replaceable LED module
  • Length: 800 mm
  • Width: 230 mm
  • Height: 600 mm
  • Input: DC 24V / 1A
  • 9 combinations (3 color temperatures and 3 dim positions)
  • Color temperature:
  • Cool: 5,000K ± 5% (daylight)
  • Bright: 4,000K ± 5%
  • Warm: 3,000K ± 5%
  • Wattage: 20W (max)
  • Output: 350Lm ̴ 1,500Lm
  • Color rendering (CRI / RA): 95>
  • LED Chip Manufacturer: SAMSUNG LED
  • Includes foot and clamp
  • Lifespan: 40,000 hours
  • Warranty: 2 years

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