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Newtral ergonomic mouseBecause of its detachable modular wrist rests, the Newtral mouse is even more ergonomic than comparable products. The wrist rests are magnetically attached. The mouse helps particularly with problems in the wrist and forearm, but also in the neck and shoulder. Being vertical, the mouse allows the muscles to adopt a relaxed, neutral posture; no stress builds up between the thumb and the little finger because the hands gets good support. The design of the Newtral mouse is scientifically tested and approved.

There are two sizes, Medium and Large. Measure your hand from the wrist to the top of the middle-finger; if this is more than 190 mm, then you need the Large.

The mouse is suitable for everybody, but particularly for those often sitting for long periods at their computer, who are best suited to enjoy the ergonomic advantages of this vertical mouse with its detachable wrist-rests.