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Balance-boards and StandmatsFor exercising your foot and leg muscles while working at a height-adjustable desk, we have a range of balance-boards and standmats. These products ensure a dynamic posture when standing, which is ergonomically advantageous.

Because sitting is known to be bad for us, more and more offices are going over to working using a combination of sitting and standing. Robocze stoły ergonomiczne z regulacją wysokości are ideal for this. In Scandinavia, more than 70% of workplaces are already using such desks, and elsewhere the advantages of standing during work are being realised.

Active Standing

Yet even standing while working is primarily a static activity; it is better than sitting, but the body is still barely moving. For this reason, balance boards and anti-fatigue mats are an excellent addition to the already existing height-adjustable desks.

If you are constantly in motion or balancing your body while standing, not only do the muscles in the feet and legs get exercised, but also those in the back. Many muscle groups are used to coordinate the body constantly and to keep it in balance. In the long term this leads to being able to stand for longer periods and to less fatigue.

Assortment of Balance-boards and Anti-fatigue Mats

A balance-board such as the Steppie Balance Board forces the user to constantly use their muscles to stay in balance. The board itself is straight, so that there is no stress on the feet, which can cause sprains. A balance-board has the great advantage that all the muscles have to be used. Exercise, but in the office!

A stand-mat such as the , in contrast, focuses in particular on the feet. Many of these mats are made of a soft but supportive material; the user stays unwittingly in motion, exercising the muscles in the feet and ankles.

Check out our balance-boards and anti-fatigue mats. There are different models available; whether you are situated in an office in an old country building or a modern urban office, you can find a model that suits you.
E2W Anti-fatigue Mat
Special offer
E2W Anti-fatigue Mat
548,96  excl. VAT492,66  excl. VAT492,66  incl. VAT800.0322 in stock
The use of the E2W Anti-fatigue Mat reduces fatigue and provides more comfort,which improves productivity in the workplace. The mat is soft and comfortable which leads to unconscious movements of the muscles in the feet and ankles.
Steppie Balance BoardSteppie Balance Board
846,91  excl. VAT846,91  incl. VAT800.0212 in stock
The Steppie Balance Board is specifically designed for use with a height-adjustable desk. The design ensures that the user remains in motion, because they must constantly keep their body balanced. The advantage compared to similar products is that the feet are always located in a neutral position, and thus are not strained.